Trigger Happy: Traps


what is the status of this tutorial?

Status? It is updated for 0.8.8 and is still doing well ^^

Anything you’re wondering about?

Hey Kevin, thanks for the tutorial! Unfortunately, I just can’t seem to get this working, all I get is a chat message with the information that I had in the trigger.

I should mention that I don’t have Furnace installed, as the module indicates that it currently serves no function other than to point to other mods. I did install Advanced Macros from there, and also have DAE installed. Could you help?

Edit: Nevermind! It seems my Advanced Macros module was out of date.

Sometimes it is inconvenient to work with tokens and I would like to use tiles. I want to make sure that when the trap trigger is activated, the tile will open and its animation will start. If you can still play local sound, it would be cool. Please help with the disclosure and activation of the tile animation.

Tile triggers are not a thing in Trigger Happy.

I could recommend using Drawing Triggers for the same effect as Tokens, if that seems more reliable/convenient?

The problem is that if I use a token with a video, then it is constantly playing in a loop. And the tile has the ability to start playback once. In addition, the tile is on a different layer and does not interfere with the work with tokens. And it can be blocked.
If I use area effects, then I cannot rotate the direction of the cone, lines and similar areas.

Have you had a look at The Forge (module link)

Thanks for the tip! Monk’s Active Tile Triggers module is perfect for my task.

Unfortunately, Monk’s Active Tile Triggers turned out to be unstable. It constantly stops working even when there are no other modules.

Can Happy Trigger automatically place an area of ​​effect in the direction of the token?

Hey @Kevin, I could use your assistance when you get a moment.
I followed your youtube tutorial to the letter save for one detail, my up-to-date version of LMRTFY doesn’t give me the option you show above, and therefore automatically rolls the saving throw.
In addition, I can’t get the macro to change the token visibility.

I’ve got most/all the required modules installed save for Minor-QOL as it doesn’t appear available any longer; installed MIDI-QOL w/ appropriate macro from above in its place. As such, MIDI-QOL doesn’t provide any module settings like, apparently, Minor-QOL does like in your example. I assume that’s causing the auto roll but would like the opinion of someone much more familiar with coding than myself!

“Triggers” Journal Entry: @Token[CountPitTrap1]@Trigger[capture move]@ChatMessage[/DoTrapAttack Traps “Spikes” CountPitTrap1]


Thanks in advance,