Traveller RPG. The Spinward Marches

Game System: Traveller. Mongoose 2E.

Calendar: (EST) Saturday: 1 PM to 6 PM. Starting Feb 11. Weekly.
Calendar: (UTC) Saturday: 6 PM to 11 PM. Starting Feb 11. Weekly.

Game/setting/premise: 3rd Imperium. Official Traveller Universe. Mix of campaign elements - Trade, Investigation, Covert Operations, Diplomacy, Mercenary, etc.

Play-style? Theater of the mind / some tactical combat.
Mode: Mix of adventure missions and sandbox.

Venue: Discord Voice chat.

Additional Details: New players are welcome, but new players must make a concerted effort to educate themselves. This includes READING and watching tutorial videos.

Character sheets will be fillable PDFs. Pregens available. Character creation requires GM interaction or a preset text/chat record on the discord.

Voice chat and the bulk of the handouts will be coordinated through Discord. On any given session, we will go with 3 to 5 players.

The first to confirm on a given session will participate. I like to provide a mix of adventure elements. Some adventures will be one-shots, one session adventures. Some will be run as mini-campaigns, running 2-5 sessions. Missing a day in a short run series like this makes it really difficult for the group to engage with the scenario. A specific scenario will be based on player availability. If we have 3 or 4 dedicated participants in the near future, I will plan on running one of the longer, multi session adventures.

Note: I will GM. I am happy to GM. I am happy to run games for free for players who want to play. However, I do not have a paid account on Forge. Someone else, if Forge is to be utilized, will need to posses such an account.

Dm me when you have a chance please

Hi there, so I was going to run a MgT2e starting in September on Sundays on Foundry w/Livekit. I’m already running a Savage PF group on Sat and I really want to get some hard Sci Fi back into my life. Buuuut, apparently finding players for Traveller is TOUGH. Did you have any luck? Are you looking for any players? I’m more of a GM really but I do enjoy play and would really like to meet some other folks who like Sci Fi. Let me know if you can or want. Thx


I’d be down for some Sunday Traveller - either player or GM. I’m available afternoons Central time.

CentralTime? Ah the midwest. It"ll be amazing if we can swing this. I’m in UTC +1 or GMT +1. A Scot living amongst the French in Toulouse. I had envisaged running a Sunday game around the same lines as my Sat one. So, let me try to figure this out…

Me GMT +1 20:00hr - 24:00

British Players GMT 19:00hr - 23:00

Montreal, Alabama GMT -5 14:00hr - 18:00

You GMT -6? 13:00hr - 17:00

Theoretically It could Fly. The question of who runs it? I’d probably start. Basically, whoever brings the most people to the table. But whoever does won’t be doing so forever. Turns shall be taken as long as the players agree. But I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves with that question. I have two other people (I think). I was luring them with the idea of a possible Sunday game of CoC but I think I can pull a bait and switch and get them to try some Traveller. How about you? You got anybody we can draw on? I was thinking of running this along the same lines as my Sat group (Savage PF) which is about to break until Sept. We’d play Traveller every Sunday at the times listed above (except the first Sunday of every month, which we take off. (Parties must be had, paychecks spent)). I was looking to find 7 players for the new Traveller group thinking that 1 or 2 probably won’t work out, but if they all did it would all still be runnable.

With us all starting Traveller on the Second Sunday of Sept.

Other Ideas I had… I have already got the whole kaboodle (Foundry/Forge/Livekit A/V) and I was thinking of running Savage Traveller to leverage the Good support foundry has for the SWADE system. Automations and all that. Worldbuilding, distance calculations, Combat, Armor and ammo counting. What do you think? Are you familiar with SWADE? It’s a -little- less crunchy than Traveller with a lot of Source material for something called the Last Parsec which is just a Traveller clone.The game itself would be taking place in the Third Imperium, or mebbe during the rebellion? I have nothing against the box rules for Traveller, I LIKE them. But I like VTT support more.

Now, I have no idea who you are CrispyFish (cool handle BTW) You might be some crazy person. Who knows? But I brought a completely unknown person (a 22 yr old Ukranian Refugee/Student) into my 6 player SWPF group about 6 months ago and he’s been working out gangbusters, a friggin great player (Tortured alcoholic Paladin who discovered he’s actually a Tiefling) so I’m feeling up to taking another chance. Me? My name is Harry. I’m a 52 yr old Tour Guide. I do History Tours in Toulouse in English. Basically I talk for a living so sometimes I’m too hoarse to do voices. I’m a Red Box GM from back in the day if that means anything to ya. So what do you think? Have I put forward any dealbreakers or should we arrange a call?


Sounds like a good plan, I hope to hear more and open to the idea of rotation of gms

I’m open to that idea too. That’s the kind of thing the group will decide after a few months or a “chapter” of any game. Anyway, although there is time if your not available this weekend, if possible I’d like to do a vid whatsapp this sunday evening. And I’d like to continue this all on email. My email is [email protected] send me a mail and we’ll organise a whatsapp vid chat. Hope to hear from you soon. H

I’m failing my organizational skill role. More than 4 people to make negotiations with and I’m getting completely lost. My email is [email protected] You were alright with the proposed times for the games? Send me a mail and we shall continue on to organizing a vid chat. Thx. H