Transferring Licenses

Is there way to transfer a local license from a local machine to the Forge? If so, how?



Hi and welcome.
You can go to your Account page to add the license to your account. You don’t need to do anything to ‘block’ it from your local machine, you only need to respect the license by not hosting games on your local machine, but the terms of the Foundry license allows you to have it installed on more than one machine (your PC and The Forge) as long as you don’t launch the program simultaneously on both.
I hope that helps!

Thanks, but that doesn’t work.

I tried to enter it and I get an error:

Error adding license: This license key has already been claimed

That means that license key has already been added to another account on the Forge. It’s not related to your local machine.
make sure you don’t have a second Forge account you might have created by mistake, or that you didn’t share your license key with a friend who might have added it to their account.

I do have a second account but no license key is there. I’ve certainly never shared the key. So … not sure …

Heya @tetnak

If the Forge site says that your Foundry VTT license has already been claimed, it’s possible that it is already linked to another account, as KaKaRoTo mentioned.

If that other account that claimed your license doesn’t belong to you, we’d ask you to share the license key with us via an email to [email protected] from the email address associated to your Forge account. Please mention the email addresses or identifiers of your other accounts in the email as well, and we’ll try to track it down!

Thank you. I will do that.