"Token Auras" module versioning is wonky

When I install the “Token Auras” module, I get version 1.10 even though the latest version is 1.14. I can manually select 1.14, but forge will then offer me an “upgrade” to 1.10. I tried installing directly from the manifest, and still got version 1.10.

This is probably because your Foundry version is set to a lower version than the module dev recommend the module to work on.

If you change your Foundry version to 0.8.9, it should show you the correct version.
If you use the game manager, then please go to The Forge and change the global version there.

I’m fairly certain it’s already set to 0.8.9; at least that’s what it says on my “Configure your Foundry Server” page.

This is an issue that is currently being worked on. The issue is that some modules use semantic versioning and others use mathematical versioning, and if we fix it for some, it will break others. The problem is that from a mathematical point, 1.14 is lower than 1.9, so technically, 1.9 is the highest version. We do have a special handling case for 1.10, but it didn’t extend to 1.11, 1.12, etc… which is leading to this problem.
We’ve been working on a new method for sorting through versions that would be a bit more robust for people using versioning systems that are broken (like semantic versioning without a nano portion), and I expect it will be ready in a few days.
What we recommend to do for now is to go the package’s view on the Bazaar (https://forge-vtt.com/bazaar#search=[“token%20auras”]&package=token-auras) then uninstall the module, then you’ll see a “Select version to install”, so select 1.14, then install it. You can then lock it to that version temporarily.