"This game is currently offline"

We have two games being played on the forge and one of the games always appears as offline and doesn’t allow players to access it. The other game appears as idle, is there an option that needs to be checked to turn the offline server to an idle server?

The server is accessible when the DM and everyone is playing, but we want to be able to access the server when we aren’t playing so as to update our character sheets on our time instead of everyone’s. Does the owner need to turn on something to have the server appear as idle instead of offline once we are done with that session?

Both games are on the same server, owned by the same person. Originally both games were seen as idle and not one as idle, and one as offline.

Is the owner of the server on the Game Master Tier?
If so, then you will only be able to access the last game that was played (or the last game that the server owner loaded).
If you want to be able to automatically jump between the 2 games, the owner will need to upgrade to the Story Teller tier and enable the game manager. It is a great feature of that tier. It will allow the players to skip the log in screen and each game gets its own URL…

Let me know if you want more information on that.

Thank you so much, I imagine that is the issue.

If you see the server marked as “offline” rather than “idle”, that means that the server owner manually and intentionally stopped the server from their account (which is one way to prevent players from launching it). They might not realize that they can leave it online and it would auto idle itself, allowing you to log back into it. Ask your DM if they are stopping their server manually.

I’m not sure if this is the situation, or it’s what @mushie said above, I could only find you as a player in one game, and that game is one with the Game Manager feature enabled.
I hope that helps.

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Yeah, the dm is lazy at times, but we have a couple people in the group that are in both campaigns. i’m only in one, but it’s my campaign that is being affected by this situation. It does seem to be fixed and if it does go off, i have the answers (thank you) to be able to direct him into fixing the issue.