The User Manager

The User Manager is the Forge’s automatic User Management system that works alongside the Game Manager service.
Once enabled, players within the Foundry world are automatically created and maintained based on who is invited or kicked from your game.

You can set a user’s role and customize their nickname. Gamemasters and Assistant Gamemasters will have the ability to impersonate other players, or join as a new temporary player to view the world from a player’s perspective.



The User Manager is automatically enabled for Games created with the Game Manager. This is great for new worlds, but existing worlds will see their players appear as new users, which causes them to lose their settings, macro hotbar configuration, journal and actor permissions, etc… If those are important to you, we suggest you use the custom user management tool on the My Foundry page, per game to reassign users to their pre-existing users in-game.

You can also configure your player’s names and roles directly from The Forge’s game configuration interface.

Managing the player’s roles corresponds to the world’s permissions. You can configure this in the Wolds Settings menu. You can promote, or demote players to the desired roles here.

How can i join as a new temporary player?

In game, choose “Join Game as”
This will give you an option to change your user to a temporary user.

Yes, I tried that, but when I log in I have my full GM rights again.

I am not quite sure what you mean.

It should give you Player permissions, till you restart the server. Could you screenshot the issue you are running into? And show what kind of permissions you have that you shouldn’t have.

If you want to be logged in as a GM and a player at the same time, you can try to open a new tab and re-log with that tab.

Ok after a second restart of the server it works. :sweat_smile: