The Uprising [FREE] [PF2E] [HOMEBREW]

Hi players,

My new game, The Uprising, which tells the story of monsters within a great army rising up against their orcish taskmasters, is looking for a few players. I play campaign style with an equal mix of combat and RP/Puzzles. I don’t run any NC-17 content, but things can get a little gory.

We plan to play every other Sunday from 12-6 PST.

Level: 4
World: Homebrew
Content: All that is on Foundry v10
Optional Rules: Ancestral Paragon, Free Archetype, Automatic Bonus Progression

Our first game will be this Sunday. Please reply or reach out with any questions or to join us!

I am still pretty new, but I have watched a billion videos on pf2e and have played a character up to lvl 2 so far. Over 10 years of ttrpg experience so I have the whole concept of teamwork and rolling dice down :sweat_smile:

Hi, if this schedule and storyline works for you, please reach out to me on discord


How many players are you looking for? Are you still recruiting?

I am still recruiting. We are looking for 1-2 more and first game is this Sunday.