The Tower - One Shot for Beginning & Experienced Players - Online (Discounted to $10)

Game: D&D 5e - One-Shot
Group type: Online
Experience: New & Experienced players
Location/Timezone: Pacific Time Zone
Schedule: Friday Jan 6th 6:00pm Pacific
Roles sought: 4-6 Players
Game style: Story driven one-shot with combat tactics and a puzzle.

About Me

Hey everyone my name is Erick. I am a travel photographer, art director and professional game master. I am offering a discount on my games right now to get my reviews and game count up. I have been playing D&D for 25 years and been a well reviewed Dungeon Master with published content. I run beginner games for a local gaming store, conventions and tabletop gaming events. I focus on story driven character development, but also love strategic combat.

Like I said I am getting back into the online realm and looking get more reviews game count on StartPlaying, so I have discounted my games. Come check me out and let us tell a story together.

About the Game

Your character’s selfish goals unfold and intertwine with others as you and your fellow members make your way from floor to floor facing magical creatures and unlocking a magical puzzle. All this to save something important from being destroyed as the tower crumbles around you.

Number of Players: 4 – 6
Length: 3 – 4 Hours
Role Playing: Medium (High for D&D Standards)
Puzzles: Medium
Lethality: Medium
Politics: Low
Fantasy: High

List of Characters (Lvl 7)

  • Krumendi – Eladrin (Fey Elf) Bladesinger Wizard/Rogue
  • Storm – High Elf College of Glamour Bard
  • Julian Clay – Human Abjuration Wizard
  • Max Brewer – Human Eldritch Knight Fighter
  • Blaine Castle – Human Transmutation Wizard (Available with 5-6 players)
  • Riley Beringer – Human Divination Wizard (Available with 5-6 players)