The Ironclad Mine

The Ironclad Mine
Deep beneath the towering peaks of the Ironclad Mountains lies an ancient terror. Once unearthed from the depths, it has unleashed havoc on the peaceful valley village of Braemar. Whispers of strange sounds and eerie lights haunt the village, and no one dares venture near the old mine.
Will you be the heroes who save Braemar, or will you, too, become another lost legend in the haunted depths of the Ironclad Mine?

Slots Available: 3/4
System Used: D&D 5e
Session Duration: 4 hours and 15 minutes
Schedule: July 5th, 6pm CDT
Requirements: None, but D&D Beyond character sheets preferred.
Note: This game is a precursor to a 20-session (5 months) campaign I want to run. It is not a guarantee of an invite.

Game is full! No longer accepting applications.