The Forge's Second Anniversary Sale!

Second Anniversary Sale is Live!

In celebration of The Forge’s second anniversary, we are holding a sale on The Forge! We’d like to thank each and every one of our subscribers for helping us come this far. Now let’s get into the details of the sale!

10% off yearly Story Teller and World Builder subscriptions

If you are buying or upgrading to an annual Story Teller or World Builder subscription, you can get 10% off your purchase by entering “anniversary2022” at checkout. This discount will apply once, and does not work for monthly subscription purchases.
If you are already a subscription at those tiers, you can also reset your billing cycle to apply the promotional code. Check the renew button in the lower left side of the subscription manager.

This sale will continue until Monday, March 27th 2022, at 11:59PM UTC-4.

Bazaar Sale!

The following Bazaar Creators will also have their packages on sale during the anniversary. Make sure to check their content out!

Dragonshorn Studios

Dragonshorn Studios is a high quality adventure module creator for Foundry VTT. These modules often include short encounters, adventures, and other fun and thematic content for your DMing enjoyment. Just enable, and import the content you want for your world…


DumbHumanDrawn is a new artist to Foundry VTT, and has already released several very beautiful token asset packages on The Bazaar. Looking for that special kobold art for your NPCs? Need viscous, slimy tokens to set on your players? DumbHumanDrawn has you covered.

Wild Magic Surge

Wild Magic Surge is a prolific artist on our Bazaar Marketplace, selling a large quantity of asset packages. Their content ranges from token packs to animated assets. Whatever the occasion or game, they’ll have content to make it better.

Brave New Worlds

Brave New Worlds is a newcomer artist Patreon to Foundry VTT. Yet they already offer sizeable bundles for your dungeons and towns needs, with both modules ready for immediate usage. Want to try their content out? Give their free sample package a try: The Forge

Crosshead Studios

Crosshead Studios is a longtime mapmaker Patreon, known for their massive maps. Offering some of the largest hand-drawn maps in the virtual RPG space, they’re always worth a look!


Limithron is a creator perhaps best known for their oceans and ship maps. Their packages heavily embrace Foundry VTT and the virtual space, and often come with some element of animation, Each map pack is poignantly beautiful and offers several varieties, allowing you to get that perfect map for your game with every purchase.


Kelfecil is a prolific adventure module creator, with dozens of adventures on offer for purchase. With countless adventures available for every level and theme, you’re sure to find a content to fit into an existing game, or a cool one shot adventure!

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