The Forge not recognizing Patreon Membership upgrade


How do I get rid of multiple Patreon accounts for one Vendor? I’ve upgraded my account type with TheRipper99 twice, today.

The Forge now shows 3 different membership levels on my account, but is only allowing me to access content for the lowest tier.

I need my TheRipper99 subscription allow Early Access level privileges. I’ve confirmed that Patreon displays my membership properly.

Is there some action I can take, or is this potentially just lag … ?

Thanks in advance.

Hey there,

Apologies for the late reply

It sounds like your Patreon is linked with Forge, but theripper93 modules are Foundry premium modules and go through Foundry’s Patreon integration. Please check over here Home | Foundry Virtual Tabletop to ensure that your Foundry account is also linked to your Patreon, and that the module show up in your Home | Foundry Virtual Tabletop