The Forge is Hiring!

July 29th update: We are done accepting applications! Applicants will be messaged over the next week or two. Thank you to everyone who applied!

If you’re a Foundry user living under a rock and don’t know who we are, The Forge VTT is an incredibly successful hosting and enhancement platform for Foundry Virtual Tabletop. With thousands of subscribers, The Forge delivers the premium hosted experience for Foundry users. If you want a seamless and unique user experience powered by the feature rich Foundry VTT, we’re your platform.

And now, The Forge is expanding its staff. We have grown at an incredible pace. And we don’t want to slow down. We’re looking to hire someone, perhaps someone like you to help expand what The Forge can offer our user base, while still providing the Forge seal of quality in everything we offer.

Position description

Here at The Forge, we have a lot of goals for our website, our service, and our infrastructure. Therefore, we are searching for individuals with a number of qualifications listed below.

You don’t have to meet all of these qualifications- you probably don’t! Like we said before, we have a lot to get done at The Forge, and we won’t run out of work anytime soon. We are looking for candidates that can fill multiple roles, and handle some of the Forge’s development stack. Basically, we’d like a Jack of All Trades, but not necessarily a bard. If you are quick to learn and you’re able to adapt and rise to new challenges, then you might be who we’re looking for.

We are looking to hire one or more people with some of the following skills and experience.

People with experience in the following roles:

  • Front-end development and/or
  • Back-end development and/or
  • DevOps engineering and/or
  • Systems administration

With the following skills:

  • Linux
  • Javascript & NodeJS
  • Vue
  • CSS
  • Foundry Virtual Tabletop API
  • Bash
  • Ansible
  • NoSQL Database design/use (Mongodb)
  • Kubernetes & Docker
  • Networking & Cloud Infrastructure
  • Security techniques and technologies

About the job

  • These positions are full-time; we are currently not looking to hire part-time.
  • Applicant must have fluent proficiency in English.
  • The Forge is based in Quebec, Canada. As a result, non-Canadian applicants can only be hired in a long-term, full-time contracting role.
  • We are only hiring within the Foundry community- we want people who know the platform, and love using it.

What we offer

  • Flexible work schedule- our work hours are probably stranger and more varied than yours.
  • 35- or 40-hour work weeks (it’s up to you to decide when you get a long rest).
  • Free World Builder tier subscription for Forge staff.
  • Fully remote/work-from-home. No need to come into the office!

How to apply

Cast Sending (and email us your resume and desired pay at