The eternal vow

Setting: Grim Hollow
Platform: Foundry/discord
System: Advanced 5th Edition
Date/Time: <t:1685505600:F> (time stamp)
Seats Left: 5/6
Embark on this epic journey through Etharis, where the binding ceremony of The Eternal Vow awaits. Will you rise as a beacon of hope, or succumb to the darkness? The fate of the world hangs in the balance, and your choices will echo through the ages for eternity!

Our game will shift from high fantasy to dark fantasy, and from a heroic to survival style. Equipment will break and characters may face peril. If losing a character is an issue for you, this game might not be a good fit.

:white_check_mark:In-depth character advancement choices​:white_check_mark:
:world_map:Thorough Exploration Pillar​:world_map:
:martial_arts_uniform:Diverse martial maneuvers for non-casters​:martial_arts_uniform:
:star2:Expanded gold spending opportunities​:star2:
:hammer_and_wrench:Comprehensive magic item crafting system​:hammer_and_wrench:
:scroll:Distinctive weapons and armor mechanics​:scroll:
:rice_scene:Character creation with culture/species separation​:rice_scene:
:shield:Warlord class and improved ranger​:bow_and_arrow:
:bar_chart:Detailed skill system enhancements​:bar_chart:
:movie_camera:Cinematic and gritty mode settings​:movie_camera:
:mage:Refined multiclassing system​:mage:
:european_castle:Kingdom/domain management, strongholds, and followers​:european_castle:
:closed_book:Gaining Additional core classes species features through advancement​:closed_book:
:crossed_swords:Advanced tactical combat system​:crossed_swords:

unique Variant Rules to enhance your experience:
Wounds/Called Hit: Experience new and deadly game mechanics such as wounds and called shots, that make combat more dangerous and unpredictable than ever before.

Advanced Weapons: Use mechanically distinctive weapons and armor, designed to give you the edge in battle.

Transformations: Unleash your inner beast with the Transformations ruleset, allowing your character to become a grim monster of the dark or fight against them.

Erebos: Delve into the intricate depths of Erebos, an innovative system that measures the impact of darkness on your character’s soul.