THE ETERNAL VOW: "Experience a world veiled in darkness, where your decisions will shape the fate of Etharis!"

Setting: Grim Hollow
Platform: Foundry/discord
System: Advanced 5th Edition
Date/Time: <t:1686715200:F> (time stamp)
Seats Left: 3/5

"Unleash Your Legend: Embark on a Journey into Etharis! :new_moon::crystal_ball::crossed_swords:

Whether you’re a novice seeking an immersive entry into role-playing games or a seasoned enthusiast in pursuit of a fresh challenge, Etharis is designed to cater to every adventurer’s appetite.

Welcome to Etharis, a deeply immersive realm where the chilling suspense of horror intertwines with the intrigue of dark fantasy. In this world, danger constantly lurks, ensuring you’re always on the edge of your seat.

Here’s what awaits you:
:crystal_ball: Unleash Your Potential: Our character advancement system allows you to shape your destiny in countless ways.
:person_fencing: Mastery Beyond Magic: Hone your non-caster martial maneuvers to become a formidable force.

Experience even more:
:sparkles: Craft the Extraordinary: Utilize our comprehensive magic item crafting system to create unique artifacts.
:crossed_swords: Equip Yourself: Make use of unique weaponry and armor mechanics to face the perils ahead.
:performing_arts: Forge Your Identity: Create your character with distinct culture/species differentiation.

Would you like to take it to the next level? Here are some explorable options for you:

:mortar_board:Delve Deeper: With our detailed skill system enhancements, you’ll always find something new to master.
:mage: Become Multifaceted: Our optimized multiclassing system offers more ways to play.
:european_castle: Rule Your Domain: Engage in kingdom/domain management.
:syringe: SANGROMANCY: Wield the essence of life with the arcane practice of blood magic. But beware its hefty price.

Need for Realism? we Got you covered:
:milky_way: Tell Your Tale: You’re more than a player—you’re an active storyteller shaping the world of Etharis.
:crossed_swords: Test Your Mettle: Combat strategies, every decision you make can change your fate.

Ready to carve out your legend?

Join Etharis Now: Your Adventure Awaits!