The Dungeon of Derp-Horn: A lighthearted romp![Free] [PF2] [FoundryVTT]

System: PF2e
Platform: Foundry+Forge server, discord
Availability: filled
Time: Saturdays, weekly, UK 5PM / PST 9AM / EST 12AM, 3-4hr sessions, mini-campaign 4-6 sessions (including session zero)
Tone: Lighthearted and comedic. It’s beginner friendly. I RP in 1st person, you do you.

:dart:A dungeon…:dart:
Welcome dear cove,to the Reign Agency: Finders of people who don’t want finding, guards of things that need guarding, and retrievers of things that need retrieving. Doers of mighty deeds… for money!

The Village of Bogton Marsh has been plagued by rampant flyer-bombing. Doors, walls, and slow moving elderly have been plastered with posters calling out a challenge for beginner adventurers to brave The Dungeon of Derp-Horn.

Sick of having his paintwork ruined, along with his doors and windows plastered shut, the Mayor of Bogton Marsh has contracted us to descend upon the dungeon with a crew of moderately experienced adventurers, to crush it, and destroy Derp-Horn’s means of poster production once and for all!

What manner of malicious malignancy may manifest?

:man_mage:Character creation::man_mage:
Done in session zero. No free archetype, some restrictions on ancestries/class, L4 start. No homebrew stuff.
Pregen characters available.

:potato:Requirements: :potato:
A free forge account, computer that can run FoundryVTT, decent internet (not 4G), headset or mic/headphones.

I’m a GM of 25+ years and favor quirky lighthearted romps in dungeons with the odd tribble thrown in.
My home-brew adventures are hand crafted with love, friendship and freshly squeezed adventurer juice.
When not GM-ing, I’m a bestselling author and write fantasy-crime-comedy fiction ( and do the odd podcast with my partner in crime (

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