The Dark Crystal: The Adventure Game

How do we request a system? I would love, at a minimum a character sheet for The Dark Crystal: Adventure Game.

The majority of game systems other than dnd5e are developed by volunteer community developers. You could reach out to the publisher to show your interest in them working with FVTT and perhaps they will. There’s also a #commissions channel in the League of Developers Discord server where you can attempt to hire someone to make a system.
Otherwise, you’re likely stuck making something yourself. There are a few options such as Simple Worldbuilding, PDFoundry, Sandbox, etc. that make that possible without as much code. Of course, if you are interested in learning programming or already have the skills, you can write one yourself from scratch (which will probably result in the best product of all of these options).

Thank you very much. I really appreciate the detailed answer. :^)

I think you should consider the Sandbox system which allows you to create your own rules framework. For example, I have a heavily homebrewed 5e system that made the default 5e system unusable for my games. I was able to create all of it (and then some) in Sandbox. It is a great community on Discord and I have yet to run into a problem they couldn’t solve.