The Cursed Kingdom [LFP] [Paid] [Online] [Daggerheart] Playtest [Saturdays] [9am PDT]

Adventure Link: Play Homebrew Game Online | Daggerheart Playtest - The Cursed Kingdom | Free Session 0

Session Time: Saturdays 9 am PDT, 12 pm EDT, 4 pm GMT

System: Daggerheart Playtest

Platforms Used: Demiplane & Foundry VTT

5 Game Adventure

Pitch: A once-prosperous kingdom now lies under a curse. It was first discovered that village people of Tinkleberg were all turned into stone. The scout from Hammfort who discovered this found that the people in his hometown had also been turned to stone.

The new king and constable of the region called for a group of adventurers to find out what has happened. The party must uncover the source of the curse and find a way to lift it before they suffer the same fate.