The Curse of Strahd, Mondays 7:30pm EST (room for one more player)

Well met adventurer. I’ve been playing D&D for 25 years, most of that behind a DM screen. The last 2 have been all 5e. Long story short, I have one open spot to fill in a campaign that will be long running and weekly. After recently switching to foundry because I found the experience far superior to my other vtt, one of the people who had signed up decided he did not want to learn a new vtt, and so, he needs replacing. I don’t mind new players, as long as they are serious about learning. Because this will be a quality experience (I use a lot of Mods and I use accents and music/sfx. I put a lot of work and love into my craft) I am going to be vetting for the spots. Below are expectations for my game and a list of questions for you to answer for me.

  1. Humor & Tone: I enjoy running games that can get very gritty and are adult themed. It isn’t a default but be aware that the subject matter can sometimes be dark. Expect a laugh here and there but ultimately I like the atmosphere to be one of immersion.

  2. Expect games to run for around 4 hours and have a pretty even mix of RP and Combat.

  3. Don’t argue rules with the DM. If you want to let me know after the game is the time to do that, please do not break the flow to correct a ruling mid game, if you think its bad make sure to let me know why, after the session.

  4. Character Creation: Everyone will start at level 1 and we will be using rules from the Players Handbook, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, and Volo’s Guide to Monsters. No homebrew, No races with a flying speed. In my game, race matters for Roleplaying. If you pick any races other than the common races which are (human;elf;dwarf;halfling;gnome) you will be treated accordingly by local populations. Keep this in mind because that half orc barbarian can pose significant problems in securing lodgings, etc. And should you choose tiefling or dragonborn finding acceptance can be a dream but almost never a reality, the best you can hope for most nights is withering stares and begrudging acceptance of your coin (and price gouging). It can make for a challenging and awesome roleplaying experience, but it is NOT recommended for inexperienced players. (remember just because you select an exotic race does not automatically make your character more interesting, Some of the most memorable characters I have ever had were human fighters.)
    I do expect some sort of background story to be worked out for your character but I do not expect an epic tale, Your goals and motivations are FAR more important to me. The game should be your greatest adventure, not everything leading up to it.

  5. Session Zero: At session zero players will create their characters together, I do this to promote interwoven stories and to make sure we have PC’s whos interests and goals can align. I am not after a table of 5 bad ass lone wolves who do whatever they want to because “thats what my character would do.”. This is a cooperative experience, and I’ve found that groups that have this time to prepare and talk about their expectations leads to much more satisfying experience.

  6. Character Death: It happens. I do NOT pull punches in my games. If you survive it will be because you made the correct decisions, not because I fudged a dice roll behind a screen. (with only one exception which will be explained in the house rules.) I am looking for someone who gets attached to their characters and the stories they weave, but who also understands that sometimes, you can lose those cherished characters, and it stings, but ultimately its ok. Sometimes character death can be profoundly impactful on the tone and the story. While it is ok to get upset about losing a character, it is NOT ok to take it out on the DM or other players. Roll a new character and celebrate the life of the one you lost. After all, if you are upset about losing them, that means I did my job, and you cared about your character and the world he was shaping. Make his/her death epic, and prepare for your next adventure. Like a big boy or girl.

  7. Attendance: We all are adults and we are commiting this allotment of our time to get together and play this game about slaying fake monsters together, lets respect that. If you are going to be unable to make it, please do not wait until an hour before to tell me (unless of course its an emergency) I will run a game with as little as 3 players, but i would prefer some heads up so i can work that into a cohesive plot line.

  8. No Politics: By this I mean, nothing pertaining to real life. Political intrigue in D&D is absolutely ok, your opinions on BLM or the GOP are not appropriate at my table. Come to have fun, period.

  9. No Religion: See rule 8. but apply Religion as the subject. The only God talk at this table should involve the faerunian pantheon.

  10. House Rules: The moment you’ve all been waiting for.
    A. Critical Hit Table: I use a detailed critical hit table tailored to whatever type of damage is being dealt. I do not use the table with minor enemies and refer to standard rules for that. Since some of the results can be pretty drastic it is best used only in Major encounters. Players however will use the chart for every crit, no matter the foe.
    B: Variant rules for Encumbrance will be used.
    C: No Evil Characters (Unless you have a REALLY good reason to work with a group of good adventurers)
    D: The DM rolls all death saves in secret (this is the exception :slight_smile: This creates a much greater sense of urgency among the players when a party member goes down, deciding to hold off for a round or two may mean the difference in life or death.
    E: Variant rule: Flanking will be in effect.
    F: No Unearthed Arcana
    G: Discord and Headset required.

If you are still reading this, and you are interested in playing answer a few questions for me.

  1. How long have you been playing?
  2. What is the coolest thing one of your characters has ever done?
  3. What do you want out of your next D&D experience?
  4. Are you ok with writing your characters? Giving them motivations, fears, hopes, etc?
  5. What is the longest ongoing campaign you were ever in and how long did it last?
  6. How old are you? (looking for 18+ only)

Look forward to hearing from you.

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I have been playing for somewhere between 4 and 5 years now, with a large majority being played in a homebrew setting. I have always played as a DM but have constantly been looking for a chance to be on the other side of the screen for once, and in that regard i try not to have my NPCs out cool my players. I want to be able to play in a world that draws my attention and in which I can make some cool decisions that will be impactful. I love writing characters! I will often get an idea in the middle of the night and get up to write it down. My current campaign has been going for almost 2 years now playing weekly, I am also dming for a second much smaller campaign that has only been going for a couple months now. I am 23 years old.

Interested to hear more about the campaign!

I definitely understand the need to just show up to a game without preparing and have fun! (AKA being a Player) Well sir, I am an open book, what would you like to know about that my post didnt cover?

I played when I was younger but have only returned to it recently (last 6 months wonder why :wink: ).

I think the coolest thing my current player has been to unexpectantly talk to a dragon and thusly talk it out of killing us all (hey being Dragonborn pays off for once).

I am looking for a immersive experinec that will let me create a new charater and let me expand their story. I really enjoy findig out what my charaters modivations are and really trying to play them as a full charater rather just sometjing to roll dice behind. This, of course, means I would welcome a chance to writ out my charater.

My lonest campaign would have to be the one Im in which is around 6 moths old (meeting weekly).

I’m 50.

Well you covered everything campaign related really, the only question I had were how do you do stat generation, do you do character sheets through foundry or use something like dndbeyond and transfer the sheets over (what my campaigns currently do), and then just curiosity wise i was interested in what modules you like to run; I use a bunch but am always interested to see how other people like to use them.

Hello. If you are still looking for a player, I would very much like to join your campaign. I am a DM nearly always, and I’m looking for two things. First, I want to improve my craft. That is sometimes best done by playing in another campaign and seeing things through the party’s eyes. Second, I’m going to switch to foundry myself, and I want to get more familiar with it.

I’m an adult (43) and 100% committed to being timely and a well behaved player.

I started playing with 1st edition, and I’m very familiar with 5e.

Keep me in mind!