"Test Accounts" with Game Manager enabled

So I’ve swapped over to using Game Manager and it works for my group. (Especially considering a few of us are IT folks who cringed at the basic password functionality)

However, one of the things that I used to do was create a “test account” where I can see exactly how something works as a player. (One browser would be logged in as GM, the other as a player.)

I know that I can create a second Forge account using a second email address, but I’m wondering how other people do this?

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With Game Manager, there is a “Join As” functionality inside of Foundry under the configuration section where you would normally find the return to setup button. For many users who want to check something quickly as a player, this is very useful.

However some users, like streamers, may like to have a second player account account logged in at the same time as they are logged in on as the Gamemaster. For this, you can make a second player/test account with a different email address.

You would need to log in to this second account on an incognito window or different browser so that the new session can be started and doesn’t conflict with your existing login.

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Thank you! I hadn’t seen the Join As function. I’ll try that, and if it doesn’t give me what I want, I’ll fall back to a second account.