Temporary switch to another subscription

I have a subscription
Story Teller for a year. But there was a need to roll back the Foundry state to an earlier one, which I cannot do with this subscription. Can I take a World Builder subscription for a month without losing my already paid Story Teller subscription, which lasts a year?

If I understand correctly, you have updated foundry and your system and now you want to go back to an earlier version.

If you took a backup before updating, then you can roll back foundry/system/modules on any tier of forge.

The only difference in this regard from story teller to world builder is that on world builder you get access to automatic backups.

Edit: here is a link to the document that shows how to downgrade. (It’s the last paragraph in this doc)


The problem is that during the update of the system module, all worlds were broken. But I don’t have backups of all worlds.

Sorry I missed your reply.

What foundry version and what system are you running?

It might be easier to assist if you jump into the Forge discord.
The mods and staff can then assist real time with screen grabs or links to worlds etc.

I had the exact same issue. The upgrade to World builder was no issue at all. All worlds, assets, etc. carried over flawlessly. I have not downgraded yet but I assume that the nothing would be effected unless you exceed the storage capacity of the lower tier.

After I finished the three year long campaign I archived that world and then uploaded the Foundr version. At some point you will want to update and ditch the old mods. You will be surprised at the level only base-level glitches that will be resolved. At least I was.