Tablet support

Hi i’m trying to use a tablet to show map to my players IRL. But the trouble is: I cannot connect on the, i’ve the upper side of the site, with clickable button but no effect when i click on sign up. My game use the game manager soo, i need the tablet to be connected to the forge.

Hum, i’v acces to the server by the way, but i’v only the image-background from the login page.

It’s possible that foundry does not support your device. The tablet needs to support hardware acceleration and will need a modern browser at a minimum. Foundry was not built for small screens but some will at least bring up the map. Minimum Requirements

If your using apple tablet I don’t think it will work Apple don’t support it. I’m had similar issues with my players trying to access while on iPad and other have no issue useong other tablets.