Syrinscape Online module


Love the system, and especially love The Forge’s implementation of the online hosting of it. I co-DM with a member of my playing group, and while it was tough convincing him to make the switch from roll20 after so many years, once he spent a few hours playing with it, he was hooked :wink:

Having said that, there is one last thing that we always wanted from roll20 that we think is finally possible with this system, and that’s a module that integrates the Syringscape Online sound system directly into Foundry.

For those who have never used it, Syrinscape Online is a very advanced soundboard system that allows you to either use pre-built soundscapes, or build them yourself. Once setup, you can pipe those sounds to players through an app they run in the background.

While the interface can use some work, the immersion level you can get with it is awesome. They’ve even partnered with wizard of the coast and created read-made sound packs for off the shelf adventures.

Having said that, it’s still yet another window I have to have open on my desktop as a DM, and another app my players have to have running in the background as well.

What would truly be awesome is the ability to integrate it directly with Foundry with a module. Having Syrinscape and the ability to directly embed those soundscapes in a map would take it to the next level. Syrinscape DOES offer an API, in fact, so I know it can be done. Even better, this would be a win-win for Syrinscape & Foundry, as they could market the fact that they are officially integrated, etc…pushing even more players to make the leap from roll20.

Anyhoo…I just thought I would throw that out there the powers that be. I don’t have the coding chops to create something like that, but I truly think it would be the “killer app” for Foundry.


Thanks for using The Forge and loving it :slight_smile:
Syrinscape integration is something that has been looked at before (it’s something that I even considered at one point but never pursued). There was some work on it by Eadorin, but I believe it has been abandonned as the last update was from August (

Apart from that, there was recently an opportunity to integrate Syrinscape and Foundry as both developers had discussed the integration and they are willing to help any developer who might want to take on that project. Unfortunately, one limitation is that it would require Syrinscape online to still be installed and opened on everyone’s machines, which makes it less of an attractive proposition as you can see from the discussion surrounding it here :
(That’s a channel in the League of Foundry Developers discord server, which you’d need to be in for the link to work).

Here’s a screenshot of the post from Atropos that started that conversation :