"SyntaxError: Unexpected Token '}'" when rolling damage (5e)


My group has been experiencing an issue whenever we roll for any damage. A red box will appear with the message ““SyntaxError: Unexpected Token ‘}’” when rolling damage.”

I’ve checked and double checked all of the spells and attacks damage formulae and none of them have ‘}’ anywhere. I use ----- to import spells and weapons but even new weapons I’ve made from scratch with the module disabled have the error. I’m only seeing this error when I roll damage, attack rolls work just fine. The error persists across all of my current worlds (I run quite a few worlds through Forge.)

I did a quick google search, but couldn’t find any related articles, so I was hoping I could get a bit more insight with this. If I should reach out to Foundry, let me know

Update your DnD5e Game System in Setup in FoundryVTT on The Forge.

Latest version is DnD5e 0.98.

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Oh, that fixed it. I didn’t even notice. Thanks!