Synchronise Worlds

Hello there,

I read the FAQ regarding synchronisation and understand.

That said… I am wondering whether there are any plans to do an “update” version of the Import Wizard.

Something along the lines of… “if it exists on Forge leave it alone, if it doesn’t upload it”.

Thanks in advance.

For Assets this already exists, as Assets already uploaded in the Folder Structure you have locally will just be skipped uploading to The Forge.

For worlds and such, I’ll defer to @kakaroto

Yep, the assets won’t be re-uploaded if they already exist. For worlds, it will ask for confirmation before overwriting, so you can just redo an import, it would add new assets or update any modified file, it will also ask if you want to overwrite each of the worlds it finds, so you could say no, no, no, yes, if you wanted to just overwrite one of them. Modules/systems would also get updated to match the versions you have locally, so you might need to redo an ‘update all’ after that.