Sword Coast Stories: Beyond Icespire Peak

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Sword Coast Stories: Beyond Icespire Peak
Beyond Icespire Peak (Level 7-10). Brave band of heroic adventurers fight dragons and the forces of evil, defending the town of Leilon from outside threats.
Slots Available: 1
System Used: D&D 5e w/ some Level up! Advanced 5th Edition mechanics.
Style: Voice through Discord server, FoundryVTT for tabletop hosted on Forge. Character sheets on FVTT with D&D Beyond used as a reference.
Session Duration: 4 hours
Schedule: Wednesdays 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST
Requirements: 21+ years old, US or Canada. PC/Laptop that can support running FoundryVTT through a chromium based browser with Discord.

  • Character options:
    • Races: PHB + Goblin, Aasimar, Goliath, and Firbolg races (MP:MotM). Dragonborn from Fizban’s allowed.
    • Subclasses: PHB, XGtE, Tasha’s (NO Peace or Twilight Clerics allowed), FToD, SCAG.
    • Spells from PHB, XGtE, TCoE.
    • Characters are Harper faction operatives working to defend Leilon from danger.

DM @nicknobreak if interested. :grin::pray: