SVG status effects not loading when applied to actors

When Status Effects have an svg format and are custom uploaded, they don’t load for me. They load in the preview, they load in whatever other way you can see them, but when actually displayed on the token, they don’t show up, instead showing as an error.

This works both for the games I DM in and upload onto my own server, and as a player. SVG’s which are coming from the default foundry SVG’s work, and sometimes those which are inside the system itself work, but also not all the time. Custom uploaded never work.
Changing their format to PNG’s works. Happens with all different systems. Happens on Firefox browser.

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This might be a module specific issue if it happens across different systems.
I’ve tested and confirmed that custom .svg status effects do work, so there might be something else going on.

  • Which system (and which version of it) are you using?
  • And have you confirmed that this bug doesn’t happen on Foundry on your local machine?
  • Have you tested with all modules disabled?

If I had to guess, I’d say that the system or module code that references the custom images automatically assumes them to be .png images and it might add the filetype automatically when constructing the path to reference.

Hello, sorry, completely forgot that I needed to answer.
This is a bug which only happens for me, and didn’t happen from the start- just one day I logged in and was no longer able to see my active effects that were in svg format. All other players(in my game as well) still were able to see. I can still see these svgs for example on active effect preview in profile, or in initiative order(I don’t remember if that’s a module feature or default one)
I have encountered this bug on AGE System and DnD5e, and on Sandbox when I forced it to add me special active effects, and I believe if I go into any others it will happen the same.

However I still decided to test. Here is a screenshot where I installed latest foundry version, latest dnd version, and have zero modules enabled, and still svg doesn’t load.


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Thanks for taking the time to test!
Hm, it’s possible that this is related to the browser failing to load and display those images, since the warning triangle :warning: is a Foundry default when an image isn’t able to load for whatever reason.

It does appear to be loading in the configure active effects window though, which is interesting.

I’d recommend first checking to see if you have 4GB of space on your C:/ drive free (if you don’t it might cause caching issues which can technically cause this sort of behaviour), and then try to open your game in a different browser. E.g. Firefox if you usually use Chrome.

If that still doesn’t work, please open a ticket in #ticket-support on our Discord server with a link to this thread and an invite to your game. Perhaps viewing this from inside the game might help us better understand the issue. I think it might be related to a browser extension or security settings preventing certain images from loading on the canvas.

It is good to know that it hasn’t always been the case, and that also points to some kind of config issue.
Hope this helps!

Logged this as a Firefox specific issue with Foundry Certain .svg images for active effects do not work on Firefox but do work on Chrome and Electron · Issue #9052 · foundryvtt/foundryvtt · GitHub

It looks like it is due to to the height and width elements on those .svg files not being present. Chrome handles it fine, but Firefox does not handle them, leading to an invalid texture error. One way to fix it would be to add those elements to the .svg files manually, or to use Chrome instead of Firefox if that isn’t an option.

We’ll need to monitor the issue here for future updates.