Suiviri World of the Halos -- Level up Advanced 5e Play by Post Game

I’m down to 2 players in a recently begun level up 5e campaign. I’d like to try to revive it with some new characters if they can be quickly generated. This game is on the paizo boards. You would have to make an account and play there. This is not a live game, it is play by post. We are using Forge for maps.

The storyline is that a small town in a homebrew setting has been the victim of an abduction of a young woman by goblins. It seems they intend to sacrifice her to their dragon god. The party tracked the goblins to the forest and allied with a bugbear from a rival tribe. They fought some spider-snake cross breeds and a couple players quit. The current players are headed back to town to find some new allies before they head into the goblin territory proper.

The homebrew world is a setting ruled by dragon gods. The previous age was ruled by four empires of elves that worshipped the goblin gods, goblins that worshipped the elven gods, gnomes that worshipped the kobold gods, and kobolds that worshipped the gnome gods. This alteration was caused by magical rings around the planet. The last age ended in a great war that banished the gods and led to the rise of the draconic gods. Some populations of the races have returned to a more traditional good or evil outlook with the banishment of the gods. The heroes are in a hinterland region contested between a theocracy dedicated to four black dragon gods of undeath and sorcery, and a merchant oligarchy devoted to Astabilor, the dragon god of greed.

Campaign Page

Build Rules

We’re using Level Up Advanced 5e by En world publishing. Adventurer's Guide | Level Up

Sources: we’re using A5e for races and classes. You can use feats, spells, and subclasses from any 5e source, as long as it hasn’t already been replaced by an A5E version.

Attributes: Roll 6d6, take the 3 highest. You can roll 6 sets if you want. That or 27 pt. buy.

Alignment: Good or Neutral.Races: Limited to A5E races.

Classes: 5st level A5E class. In addition to you A5E archetype, you can pick a free subclass from any 5e source for your class – the ‘extra’ subclass should be 5e, not A5e, the point is not to give ever character an extra archetype, but rather a non-A5E subclass.

Feats/talents. 1 feat per level. Can be from any 5e source, as long as it’s not already present in A5E.

Posting will be 4-5 times a week, more on weekend if you want.

Other considerations:

I’m using Foundry for maps. I have fancy stuff set up – maps that are 10,000+pixels with elaborate detail. It most likely won’t work on mobile. You have to be willing to use this VTT.

This is a homebrew world – players should feel comfortable keeping up and interacting with homebrew lore and setting assumptions that are different from Golarion.

contact me on discord at Sebecloki#9083 if interested