Suggestion: On hover tips

I don’t remember who suggested this. (oops)

On hover tips about the different bars in the header.

Something along the lines of:

My Foundry

“Your foundry table where you can configure your settings, upload worlds, export backups and world files”

The assets library

“Your assets that you can use for your foundry worlds”

Maybe even go as far as add them to the dropdowns if possible?

I think it would be too much text to hover and dropdowns would be overengineering imho (especially that there are already dropdowns).
That said, as it i seems there is a need for it, maybe we could add to Community or Help a new section called Glossary/Terminology and have a page with all of it there?
We could easily use it to point people to it and it would be a nice page of definitions which would solve all the explaining needed for it every time someones asks.