Suggestion: Game Session Scheduler for Forge Polls

Proposal: A game scheduler functionality (optionally, integrated into the polls) that allow GM to create a reminder that players can RSVP and be reminded about the session via email or web notifications (Chrome notifications) prior the session.

Who is this for: GM who want to remind their players, or convert a “when to play” poll into an event reminder

How it should work: The GM has two ways to create scheduled events:

  • A form that allows to give event name, starting and ending time, location (which includes a link to GM’s table) and description.
  • An option for the GM to close a “when to play” vote, converting one of its options into a scheduled event

The scheduled event sends to all players (of the whole table, or who were sent the poll) an invitation email that can be imported in their Google Calendar to get notifications on desktop or mobile. Ical support is very welcome for those who use non-Google Calendars.

It’s a valid and good suggestion, thank you for making it! Moving the topic to Tickets.
Things I found relating to this :

That’s it. It’s a low priority and would probably happen some time after the launch.