Strength of Thousands | Fridays 1 PM GMT-6 | (3/5 Slots Available)

System: PF2e
Availability: 3/5 slots remaining, $20 USD/session
Time : Fridays at 1:00 PM. Play will start once we have 3+ players.
Tone : This game will have a high amount of roleplay, with combat focused on progressing the mysteries and plot of the game. I like tactical combat, but do not expect it to be extremely difficult. Premise : In the world’s greatest magic school, Magaamba, new talent surges to the forefront! You will learn ancient magic, advance in your field, and even become teachers at the famed school. But, sinister enemies plot against the school and those who attend it. Reveal their schemes and help Magaamba prosper with your growing magical might!

Game Link: Play Pathfinder 2e Online | PF2e | Attend a Magic School | Strength of Thousands Adventure Path | Level 1-20