Strahdfinder - Curse of Strahd ported to Pathfinder 2e, looking for players. [paid][Pf2e]

:crossed_swords: Game System: Pathfinder 2e

:calendar: When do you play: Wednesdays, starting at 19:00 CEST/UTC+2 (Norway), running for about 2,5-3 hours. Weekly sessions.

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise: Curse of Strahd is a gothic horror adventure set in the dark and mist-covered land of Barovia. You arrive here as outsiders, swept away in the night from friends, family, and loved ones. And much like a certain hotel, once you’re in Barovia, you can check out anytime you’d like, but you can never leave. . .

:memo: Aditional Details: I’m an experienced GM of 20+ years, starting in the early days of D&D 3.5. I jumped aboard the Pathfinder train from the very beginning, and have been playing and running Pathfinder 2e for the past 3 years as my system of choice. The game uses to process payments for the safety of everyone involved, and I’m happy to refund anyone who decides after the first session that the game isn’t for them. It will be played on Foundry VTT using Discord for voice chat. I’m happy to teach new players, or to help experienced players realize the vision they have for their character.

Finally, a review left by a long-term player of my Pathfinder 2e games:
"The best game master I’ve had the privilege of playing with. Unflappable, good-natured and fair, but with a mischievous sensibility that elevates his style from merely good to great.
Most importantly, Marius runs games for his PLAYERS rather than himself. His willingness to allow space for the people round the table is what I find most inspirational about him as a GM. Whenever I play in Marius’ games, I feel like I’m truly experiencing MY character’s story. And that is the hallmark of a legendary GM.
If I had more time, I’d be signing up to every game he runs. "