Stormblood's Prophecy: A Storm King's Thunder Story

Stormblood’s Prophecy: A Storm King’s Thunder Story
Is this a pay-to-play game: $20, per player, per session
VTT: FoundryVTT
Requirements: Computer capable of running Foundry. Mic, Internet connection, discord account.
Time and Date: Thursdays 6:30pm CST
Session run time. 3.5-4 hours
Number of Openings: 4 seat available
Current Players:

  • Aasimar Alternative Barbarian: Wild Magic (A kickboxing brute with uncontrollable magic)
  • Human Alternate Artificer: Wandslinger (An Eldritch gunslinging subclass)

Synopsis: Embark on an epic journey as the resurgence of ancient giants casts a looming shadow over your world! The very essence of your homeland is under dire threat, pushing you to the brink of action. Are you prepared to defend your cherished home, shield your beloved family, and safeguard your entire nation from the encroaching menace? The call to arms echoes loud and clear, and the question remains: How deep will you delve into the unknown, and what sacrifices are you willing to make?

What I provide:
:crossed_swords: Over 20 years of GMing experience and RPG passion
:crossed_swords: Basic voice acting and role play to bring NPCs to life (I’m no professional but you’ll never find me bland)
:crossed_swords: All official 5e WOTC content.
:crossed_swords: *Tons of 3rd party content! Griffon’s Saddlebag, Kobold Press, Ghostfire gaming, LaserLlama and thousands of dollars of content from DMGuild. *
:crossed_swords: Experience with FoundryVTT with animated maps, animated spells, mods to make your experience better.
:crossed_swords: Curated audio playlists for every scene. It will run as a custom bot that you can control the volume to as needed.
:crossed_swords: I record every session for our own personal use. These are uploaded to a private youtube playlist so you can go back and review your epic moments. I do not use any of recording for anything other than record keeping and memories.

**If you have any questions feel free to message me @mentaly_unsound **

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