Storm King's Thunder campaign

Greetings brave adventurers. I’m an experienced Dungeon Master (7 years of continuous games) looking for adventurous players to join my campaign.

System/Campaign: DnD 5E Storm King’s Thunder

Number of players: Seeking 3-5 brave adventurers to embark on this journey.

Platform: We’ll be playing on Discord, on Foundry VTT via Forge servers.

When: The game will run every Thursday, starting 13 July 2023, 17:00 UTC time.

Details: Delve into the depths of Storm King’s Thunder, a thrilling Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in the iciest regions of the Forgotten Realms. As the DM, I’ll guide you through an immersive high fantasy experience, where the world is under siege by mighty giants, and only heroes like you can rise to the challenge. In this epic adventure, the small folk rally together to harness the power of ancient rune magic, countering the chaotic reign of the giants. Prepare for enchanting encounters with kraken wizards, explore mystical fantasy groves, and confront various formidable giant foes. This extensive and intricately crafted campaign book offers a multitude of outcomes, ensuring your choices shape the destiny of the realm. With a focus on player agency and avoiding railroading, Storm King’s Thunder invites you to explore multiple paths and embrace the true spirit of D&D. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, I’ll provide a rich and immersive experience that will transport you to a world of ancient powers and heroic triumph. Join me on this unforgettable adventure, and let the magic of Dungeons & Dragons ignite your imagination.

Important notes: The campaign sessions will cost $10 USD per player, payable via PayPal. However, the first session is free if players decide not to continue.
Even though it is an official adventure there will be a lot of changes to adapt for personal character goals, as well as new rules that will make the game more dynamic and exciting.

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My name is Mark, I have been playing 5E for a number of years and I am looking to get involved in a new campaign. The time you have Thursday 1700 UTC fits with my current schedule and I have never played Storm King’s Thunder. Please sign me up to seek the rune magic and understanding the giants.