Storing assets offsite


I wonder if its possible to store material offsite and still be able to use them. Say I have loads of maps or token and would like to store them on my local drive, and still be able to use them when the we play a game?


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If you’re serving the images from your local device (i.e. people on the internet can see them) then you can point to those images by their absolute URL and use them that way. This is essentially the same as copying an image on the internet’s URL and pasting it as the asset path for an image.

Hosting images in that way requires some setup. What might also work better for you is using the Browse button to upload images from your local storage to your Assets Library as you need them.


The idea was to have the assets (tokens in my case) locally stored on my SSD drive and use them in a forge game.

If someone could access the files on your local drive, that would be a huge security risk. The only way for that to be possible is if you had a server running on your machine that serves those files publicly, and then you’d end up with the exact same situation that likely made you use the Forge: having to buy a domain, set up an SSL certificate, open ports in your router, run a local server, etc…
Without all that, your players wouldn’t be able to access those files. Even your local browser wouldn’t be able to access them actually, since websites can’t read local files without the use of the “browse” button (for the same security risk reason… otherwise any website could just scan your SSD and steal all your private information and files)