StartPlaying Pathfinder 1e Mythic Sound of Silence - Aftermath [Pay to Play]

About the adventure
This game is set in the Pathfinder 1e game using the Mythic rules; your character will begin at level 1 with one mythic level, and 25 point buy starting gold 1000gp

In a world forever changed, the echoes of devastation resonate. The once mighty ward Stones of the world-wound lie in ruins, and Vigil, a city once vibrant, now smolders as a wicked crater. From its depths, hordes of undead surge forth, ravaging the countryside. Fiends prey upon the vulnerable, and the very essence of light dims. Will you answer the call? Rise above the chaos? An eerie and pulsating mark adorns your being, an eldritch birthright. Yet, you have harnessed this power, channeling it into your chosen craft, transcending the mundane. With each step, your every action becomes tempered and enhanced, an embodiment of resilience and purpose.

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