Star Wars: New Beginnings (GM looking for players)

Hey everyone! I am currently looking for 4 more players for my Star Wars FFG game that will be on every other Sunday around 6pm EST (GMT-4) starting on November 5th.

I plan to run the pre made adventures starting with the Beginner’s Adventures and move on from there. But i also will run original content based on characters choices and backgrounds. I am allowing all books. I would like two characters from each core line. So two EOtE, AoR, and F&D characters. I already have one AOR character and at the moment, one EOtE. My general rule is that I rather not have everyone be the same species or career. The different human species are an exception. Currently have a Mando character.

We will begin with the EOtE Beginner’s Adventure but I expect every character have at least 5 obligation to Teemo the Hutt. But overall have 10 obligation regardless of if you’re AoR or F&D. You’re allowed to only take 5 extra obligation.

The story will start off with your group running from Teemo’s goons. You somehow angered the Hutt but decide to use the opportunity to escape. You heard there is a starship called the Kyrant Fang docked that is ripe for the taking. It needs some parts but you can visit Mos Shuuta’s markets to get the parts.

Each Beginner’s Adventure gives you a reward at the end of part one. There is a part two to them but it is a online supplement. And I plan to run the part 2s. Also everything will take place around 3 BBY.

We will use discord for voice.

Love star wars played once shoot me dm @kuroshimodo