Star Trek Adventures Campaign

System: Star Trek Adventures
Time/Day: session 0 18th October 20:00
Players needed: 5
Frequency: weekly
Video/Text: voice over discord, Foundry for VTT (no download needed)
Experience Level: None needed
Description: When you are assigned to the Federation-sponsored scientific colony on Odet-IV, it seems at first to be a peaceful assignment. Ancient ruins, scientifically significant minerals, and vast quantities of new flora and fauna to catalogue make the planet an exciting prospect. All too soon, however, you will discover there is much more to this planet than meets the eye… But how long will it be until someone else makes that same discovery?

Hello! I am Jay (they/them, 27) and I am recruiting for a Star Trek Adventures campaign to be run on Wednesdays at 8pm UK time. This is a TNG-era planet-focused campaign, although there will be ship-based parts later. You do not need to be an experienced player, just enthusiastic about sci-fi adventures.

Personally, I’m not super experienced with running STA, but I have run and played it before. In other RPGs, I generally run a fairly relaxed game, but I will likely want to stick close-ish to the rules for this campaign so I can learn them better. My favourite part of trpgs is roleplay, especially when the players get really into character discussing what to do with the situation I’ve put them in!

Please fill out this form if you are interested!

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I can not wait to see if i make the cut !