Star Trek Adventures Campaign-Looking for Players-

Star Trek Adventures Tales of the USS Normandy

Game System: Star Trek Adventures (By Modiphious)
Saturdays 7PM (MST or -7GMT) Though this may become a far earlier game if I end up getting a new job my Current Job with the USPS does not give me any solid days off

The year is 2389 The Galaxy is in turmoil though the civilians of the Federation might not notice as much After the destruction of Utopia Planitia Starfleets main shipyard in orbit of Mars the fleet was in dire need of ships So Starfleet emptied its mothball fleets Older ships that were laid up because they were outclassed by more modern ships and the Jupiter Yards temporarily reactivated as a stopgap Ships that were worth the full teardown and rebuild/refit were being readied as quickly as possible anything that was not either was scrapped or was tossed to various museums however one ship that was not Scrapped or given to a museum was the USS Normandy a New Orleans class Starship instead she was given a full on rebuild and is now ready to get back out there She just needs a crew

Additional Details

We will be treating this more in the Episodic format that TOS/TNG had going as such there is no set BBEG though maybe we could develop one down the line I just want to run something with fun Star Trek stories that I put together these will end up being run for a Star Trek Play by post RP club I am a part of once I finish my GM training period

I have one major rule other than Dont be a Jackwagon And that is NO POLITICS NO REAL LIFE DRAMA OF ANY KIND We are here to escape real life and not worry about the Election or who is in the right or wrong when it comes to Global conflicts Just keep it all to yourself and we will all get along just fine!

We will be playing over DIscord without any VTT as I do not have time to make maps and markers I have enough on my hands getting the missions written up while working for the post office nor do I have money for Licences however if it would make things easier If players would like the group to use a VTT and is willing to plop down the money on the Licences and also work with me on the preparation of maps figures and so on then I am all for it Also please note I do not have all of the books I have the Core The four quadrant books the three Division books and the Shackleton Expanse Book So character creation is limited to what is in these books