Specifying licences to specific worlds

Does anyone know how I would go about specifying which licence I use for a specific world instance?

My current issue is that I have multiple licences but only one has premium modules purchased.
I am attempting to set up a world for WFRP 4E on a licence that I have purchased multiple modules and another world on my other licence for the Witcher trpg which has no modules purchased.

When I attempted to do this before I could get multiple instances running in parallel but was unable to access previously purchased premium modules on either of the instances.

When I removed the licence that contains no additional modules and ran just the WFRP world then I was able to install the additional modules.

Can anyone assist me with being able to specify a licence to a game instance so I can have modules work.

Because of the specific issue you’re describing, the Forge will always use your first entered license to run all your worlds/instances, so that if you can install a premium module, then it will be accessible in all the worlds. We got special permission from the Foundry team to do it that way, because the module will check that it’s running with the same license that it was installed with, which was causing issues in the past.
For your information, do note that the purpose of adding multiple licenses to your account is to add licenses you own, so, they would theoretically all be licenses from the same Foundry account, with the same access to premium content, it is not meant for account sharing where different DMs pool resources into a single subscription.
I hope that helps, let me know if you need more information.


Thanks for the clarification on the licences in regards to the modules, this really helps.

Also thanks for the info on the multiple licenses on the singular account rules. Nearly everyone in our group has a licence and we have several games we rotate between. If there is an issue with the multiple foundry account licences then we will just stick to the one licence and run that one game.


You say “in our group”, so it might not be an issue, you can refer to the FAQ article I linked earlier (see below) which basically explains what’s allowed and what isn’t. Basically, it boils down to whether you’re DM or player in any of those games, then it’s not a problem. If there’s a separate group in which you’re neither DM or player, then they shouldn’t be using your account for hosting as that counts as sharing, otherwise it’s all good!
I hope that helps clarify it!

(Can I share my Forge Account? - Docs - The Forge)

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That really helps a lot. For clarification the group is always the same people, I am GM for some session and a Player for other sessions.

Once again thanks for helping with all of this.