Some players loading slowly

Hello, some player’s are taking a long time to log in, like more than 10 minutes. This is currently affecting two of my players who use the same internet provider, one of them has a pretty beefy computer but still loads slowly. Alternatively I have a player who connects just fine but also uses said internet provider. We don’t know what is causing the issue. We are currently connected to the Asia server as this is where we are closest. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What version of FoundryVTT are you using? I’ll guess 0.6.6, and if so, downgrade to 0.6.5.

Reason being: There is a major issue in 0.6.6 that means if ONE asset (image/audio/etc.) fails to load, the whole thing can fail to load. If this fixes it, that means you have a broken asset in your world somewhere (Dev Console (press F12) can help you find it, once you’re on 0.6.5).

Oh dang, alright I’ll try it thanks!!