Socket not connected?

Hello! When trying to launch one of my games, I get an error banner that reads: “Error launching game: ENOTCONN: socket is not connected, mkdir ‘/forge-vtt/users/60857c458587a59fbdc3bd46/Games/cynosure-copy’.” If anyone could tell me how to deal with this, I would be grateful. Thank you! (For context, the games are P2E games on the current default version of Verion 9 on Foundry VTT version and, I believe, v. for the P2E system.)

I’m also having this problem, playing P2e. Hopefully some one knows whats going on

Same here. I tried launching in safe more but that didn’t seem to help. Playing 5e

I am having the same issue - 5e.

Try reloading the page. The issue should be fixed now. It was a small server outage we’ve just had. If you’re still having issues, try to stop/start the server from The Forge
Sorry about the inconvenience!

Yup, it seems fixed now. Glad it wasn’t a) something major and b) my fault. Thanks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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