So many Compatibility Warnings

On my Desktop version of Foundry I have 1 Compatibility Warnings but with the exact same modules in The Forge I have 42? When I look at logs they are all referring to this file: setup.js:145

This is the full warning for each mod:

The module "svt" is using "author" which is deprecated in favor of "authors"

#logPackageWarnings @ setup.js:145

Any idea on how to fix this?


My guess is that you have a different set of modules installed on your Forge server than your local server, or their versions are not the same.
Make sure you update all your systems/packages by going to The Bazaar, but first check which version of Foundry you have set from the Game Config page to ensure you’re using the most recent version.
Finally, there is nothing for you to do if there are still compatibility warnings, most people will have a bunch, and it’s more of a warning to the module developers or to the user that “some modules may not be 100% compatible with Foundry v10”. The reality is that most of those modules are simply being compatible with both v9 and v10 for ease of managing their versions, and Foundry v10 is warning about it. The issue being that Foundry v10 changed a lot of things in how modules can be defined and it’s causing these unnecessary warnings.

Thanks for the help. I don’t think it’s an issues with version or mod updates. I am new to the Forge and just upload my v10 foundry to the Forge after updating all mod first a few days ago. I have been updating everything since and still getting this showing with 42 on the Forge and 1 on desktop. It seem to reference in a missing file? Maybe it did get transferred when I first imported my foundry world?

Hey there @thehuskeygent :wave:

Apologies for the long delay, I missed that this topic wasn’t fully answered!

As KaKaRoTo mentions, the compatibility warnings are nothing to worry about, and if they’re very bothersome you can change the log level of your browser to hide them

If there is a missing file, though, that’s likely to result in an error rather than a warning. Could I please ask you to post a screenshot of the message pointing to the missing file? If it’s a missing sourcemap or a missing optional file, it won’t usually cause any problems.

This kind of failed validation error can happen if a world or module reference a file that isn’t included with the upload, yeah. The fix is usually just re-uploading the world or module with the file included, but it’d be helpful to see the error in the wild!

If you’re having any trouble getting that info or want more help troubleshooting, please feel free to create a ticket in our Discord server’s #ticket-support channel and post an invite to your game, then one of us can hop in with you to troubleshoot!

Hope that helps a bit!

Hey Thanks for the reply. This is what I am seeing.

There are 40 of these and they all seem to be referring to a Setup .js:145 that is missing or not right? If this is nothing then I will ignore it but I just don’t like seeing warning messages.

Ah, thanks!

The file on the right setup.js is where the warnings are getting logged from, and it’s happening on like 145. If you click it, it’ll actually take you to the setup.js file on that line so you can view the code :slight_smile:

It’s totally intentional and functioning as normal. The reason you’re seeing these warnings in the majority of cases is because the modules are backwards compatible with v9, and v9 and v10 use different fields.

These warnings can be safely ignored!

Great thanks help, that put my mind as ease that there isn’t more serious problem.

Sure thing, happy to help! Happy gaming!