Slow upload time

I have spent the last 20 minutes uploading (still is) two files, that in total are less than 40mb of size.

I’m pretty far from Atlanta (SouthAmerica), so I understand having some latency when doing pings or similar while playing, but taking so long to upload silly files with optic fiber feels a bit too much.

Maybe I should move to AWS or similar, the server takes about 1 minute to load, so that might be also related?

Any help will be appreciated

Testing on our side, our upload seems to be good.
What are you uploading and through what upload method?

It might be that the files themselves have failed at some point. Have you tried re-uploading?

You are right Kevin, now it’s uploading faster. Just uploaded 70mb in less than 10 seconds.

Good! If you’re encountering any further issues let us know. This case seems to be solved.