Skills Cannot Be Updated on NPC's

Hey folks, I’m having a hard time updating the skills of NPC’s. NPC’s that are uploaded from other means (DNDbeyond, dndbeyond muncher, modules, etc) come with their listed skills, but I cannot add skills to them. I’m not sure why this is happening. Has anyone run into this issue before? Maybe with a specific module?

I would suggest trying to disable all other modules, or reloading the site first of all.

You could have a check in on the console (f12 → console), see if any errors are popping up. Feel free to screenshot these, to post.

Some further useful information for us:
What browser are you running?
What Foundry Version is this on?

Is it only skills? Can you add items and such?

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So 1) I turned off one of the NPC modules I have, and it fixed it immediately, so that’s great. 2) The module was Better NPC Sheet 5e, which I think wasn’t mixing well with the new and updated beta I was using (the most recent one that came out). 3) I could add items and such, but just couldn’t change the skills.
Thank you for your help!

Thanks for this thread, I was stumped by the same issue and disabling the mod fixed it - not sure if this is helpful but I also found that if I turned off the mod and added the skills in the non-modded version of the character sheet, and then turned Better NPC Sheet 5e back on (since I’ve gotten used to that format) the skills remained selected. So for now seems like there’s a viable workaround to have the cake and eat it too.