Site Feature Request: Review Capability in the Bazaar

There are currently around 3,200 modules (500+ content modules) in the Bazaar and even though I love to help support independent content creators I already spend way too much a month on my hobbies; however, if a review system (which I know can be plenty biased and I get that) was in place so I had a better idea which paid adventures/crawls/modules/etc to avoid or grab, I would be a lot more likely to spend my money in the bazaar on such things.

((I did a search for similar posts and didn’t find any, so I hope this isn’t a duplicate.))

Not a duplicate, yeah, though it’s something we’ve discussed internally in the past, so thanks for bringing attention to this issue (I think I briefly discussed it as well during one of our recent developer livestreams too).

At the time of launching the Bazaar, we had discussed with the League of Foundry Developers of ideas to allow users to rate/review packages, and there wasn’t any good concensus on how to approach it. At the same time, Foundry Hub was launching and they proposed the Endorsement system, which became the popular option and we decided that instead of having a split community where you’d have half the ratings/reviews on Foundry Hub and half on the Forge, it would be better to adopt a single place for it, which would be Foundry Hub so it’s open to the entire Foundry community.

Unfortunately, while Foundry Hub is a great place and quite popular, it hasn’t taken off as much as we originally had hoped (i.e: users don’t rate/review packages very often), and also the lack of integration with our own UI is problematic because the user would need to click the package, click the Foundry Hub icon, login on Foundry Hub then comment/endorse the package.
We’re doing a major redesign of our Bazaar page, making it easier to view and discover content, and one of the upcoming changes will be to allow users to comment directly on a package and :heart: it and sort/view packages based on popularity (based on :heart: instead of install percentage), and things like that. We hope to make the Bazaar a full fledged package browser and marketplace and all the bells and whistles that you’d expect.

I hope we do a good job of it :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking your question, and I hope that answers it!

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