Shared DM's, two licenses, only one can upload to 'user data', causing errors, etc


I co-DM with someone in my player group. As such, I setup two worlds, one for him, and one for myself (with two foundry licenses) so we can each work on our part of the campaign at the same time if need be.

He has been promoted to DM on that world, etc.

The issue we’re running into is that while I have full functionality, any universal battlemap uploads he tries on his end always produce an error, apparently because he does not have permissions from his world/account to save things to the “user data” folder.

I’ve read everything in the FAQ that talks about shared DMs and such, but doesn’t seem to take the need to upload into account for the non forge account holder DM.

Can this be fixed?

You’ll want to run through this for the non-account-owner to share your Assets Library with them: How to share access to your Assets Library with someone else

DO NOT do the steps yourself, as the account owner, you have access to it simply by being logged into The Forge.

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That did the trick. Thank you!