Shared Compendiums dont Work after updating to V10

I cant find my shared Compendiums in the “Manage Modules” Tab. Creating new Shared Compendiums doesnt help either.
The Shared Compendium is still present in my Original World but I cant activate it for other worlds.
Is this a known V10 Bug or is there already a solution?

Thanks in advance!


You’ll have to add one of those solutions to the module.json, or wait for @kakaroto to figure out a neato solution for it.

Are shared compendia still broken in V10 in Forge (or generally)? Considering upgrading, but this is a showstopper.

Shared compendiums (and compendium in any module that doesn’t lock it to a single system) will still not work in v10. This is an issue with Foundry v10 locking things down, and we’re going to have to implement a migrator for users so they don’t lose their content. It will take time to do it, so please be patient. We’re not going to recommend Foundry v10 until we have that solution in place and until we are confident that it is stable and usable by our users. At this time we still do not recommend users upgrade to it.

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By the way, I wrote some instructions here on how you can manually migrate your shared compendiums until we release our own tool for it :