[Shared Campaign][2nd Level][PF2E] The Witch Beyond Reach

We have multiple Game Masters running sessions of our new premier adventure: The Witch Beyond Reach.

The goblin witch Nak-Nak has crossed the powerful Lamplighters Organization and absconded with a valuable artifact. Travel by sea to an uncharted island to hunt down the witch and retrieve the stolen treasure. Bring your sea legs, and plenty of healing potions….”

This adventure is for 2nd level Pathfinder 2E characters. You can review our Player Guide for character creation rules. New players are welcome. All GM use the Foundry VTT.

Hey, are you still looking for players for this game, I’d love to join. I’m still pretty new to Pathfinder 2e, but I’m a quick learner and I have several character concepts ready to use.

Yes, we are still running the Provocateur Shared Campaign. You can join here…

Iv would like to if there is still room

hello there are you still looking for players?

Yes, you can join on the warhorn link. Check out the open tables and seats.