Settings keep reverting?

If I log into my server after say 24hrs, I have to re-enter a few settings. Is there a way to save them so I don’t have to do this each time? This does not seem to be an issue on a server restart.

The two settings I notice are:

  1. left click to release objects (core setting)
  2. forien’s quest log quest tracker is annoying turned on. I want it off. (module setting)
    Perhaps there are other settings doing the same thing, but I don’t notice them as much.

These are not settings that are saved on The Forge, but on your browser.
This likely means you are deleting your cookies or clearing your cache every so often.

To make the settings save properly, you’ll need to let the site be allowed to save to cache, and not be cleared.

Thanks Kevin, makes sense.

Seems weird to me that the software uses the browser for storing some core settings but a bunch of other settings must be stored elsewhere for them to stick.

In Foundry, there are two types of settings : local and world level settings. A world setting is stored in the database, and it’s things like “enable Audio/Video” for example, and it affects everybody. A local setting would be for example the actual device name of your video camera to use, or the FPS limit you want to set (because it’s dependent on how good your GPU is), etc… so they are local only to the browser and the only way to store a local setting is through the local storage which in most cases doesn’t get deleted, unless the user has specifically changed their settings to tell their browsers to delete all local storage on exit.

Thanks! ‘Local’ settings getting wiped by browser cache wipe indeed seems to be it.

hmmm reduce browser security settings or reset a bunch of stuff each day is a tricky choice.

Most browsers will let you add exceptions to the cache wipe. That might be an option.