Server Availability

Is there anyway to keep the Foundry VTT server hosted on Forge running so my players can login to it anytime they are able without me having to start the server?

Are there permissions I could give them to allow starting the server?

There is no such thing here on the Forge. For all intents and purposes, your server would be available 24/7 and your players don’t need anything special to access it other than going to the URL. Just make sure that you keep the world itself open, and don’t return to the Setup page of Foundry.
As long as you don’t manually click the “Stop server” button in your configs page, the server will remain accessible.

Thanks for the quick reply. I think I misunderstood how it works. Usually, I have to login as the GM using the “Launch My Foundry” button and then unpause the game for players to be able to do anything.

Once my session times out, when I’m away from my desk for a while, a message will pop up saying:

“You have been inactive for 2 hours.
In case this is wrong, please confirm that you are still active or you will be redirected to the Forge main website in 20 minutes.”

Is there any way to turn off this session timeout?

Is there any way you know of to disable game pausing? I’ve not been able to find a way to do that.

So when your session times out - it goes into idle mode. Your players will still be able to access the game.
As for the disabling the game pause, its there to protect you, so your players dont go and access things you dont want them to, however there is a macro that you can give your players to allow them to turn that off.

Just put this in a script macro and give the permissions to your players to allow them to run it.

game.togglePause ()

Ah thanks. That’s helpful. I trust that my players will behave, until they do something silly and give me a reason not to trust them! :laughing: